Thia Black Banana:  If your view on life is "I don't buy green bananas," this is the perfect choice.

Cordyline:  These are also known as Ti plants and are often brought home as souvenirs from Hawaii.  Here's a tip:  skip the trip.

Anthurium:  The pink flowers are often called the Flamingo Lilly and are the perfect ornament for the front of a double-wide trailer.

Palm Grass: The leaves of this plant are accordion-like, making Palm Grass perfect for the yards of Weird Al Yankovic fans.

Sanseveria:  No yard should be sans sanseveria.

Croton:  If you were a nerd, you could say something like "Fire Croton missiles!"  If.

Roebellini Palm:  These are sometime referred to as Dwarf Date Palms, which makes us think of Gary Coleman stealing something while out with his special lady.

Giant Bird of Paradise:  Looks like the a mix between the NBC peacock and Audrey 2 from "Little Shop of Horrors."

African Mask Alocasia:  These plants remind us of Spiderman when he turned evil.  They're kind of scary.

Japanese Araila:  These grow so fast, they'll make you start bugging them to visit you more often and give them butterscotch.

Carnation of India:  The breakfast of choice for Hindus in a hurry.

Raphis Palm:  These are the perfect decoration for a desk where you have a computer where you are trying to come up with cute little blurbs about plants.

Bromeliad:  There's actual an international club for fans of this plant, and membership does have its privileges.

Hosta:  Our dad bought these and kept chasing us around going "Hosta la vista, baby!" and we had to put him on a bus.

White Mandevilla:  Encyclopedia Brittanica Guy says "Look at this, I always wondered where my mandevilla was!"  And then we invented a time machine so we could punch him in the glasses.

Alocasia:  Unmasked, the scariness seems to just go away.