Longleaf Pine: Native to the Deep South, these are the "Whispering Pines" that

Johnny Horton sang of. As beautiful in your back yard as they are in Uncertain, Texas.


Banana Tree: Turn your piece of Texas into a tropical paradise and possibly

turn your next dessert into a homegrown banana split.


Little Gem Magnolia: The branches are fun to climb, the flowers are beautiful to

admire, and the seeds are delicious to eat. Just kidding. Please do not eat these seeds.


Southern Magnolia: A majestic magnolia is as sure a way to broadcast your love for

New Orleans as a diet of muffalettas and beignets.


Mexican Plum: Just like plums, but from Mexico.


Mediterranean Fruiting Olive: Our big fat Greek trees are an offer you can't refuse.


Bald Cypress: You wouldn't even recognize pictures of this tree back in its younger days.


Japanese Yew: Hey you. No, not you. Yew. An interesting fact gleaned from Wikipedia,

verbatim: "The entire yew bush is toxic enough to kill a horse."


Avocado Tree: The Avocado has enjoyed a massive increase in popularity, going from

"Hmm?" to "Mmm!"


Vietnamese Clumping Palm: Don't say nay to this palm.


Arabian Lilac: Create one-thousand and one beautiful nights in your back yard.


Plumera: Adding this plants beautiful blossoms to your hair turns a plain dinner into a

Hawaiian luau.


Bismark Palm: Plant this tree, read about Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, and try not to grow

one of those cool mustaches.


Teddy Bear Magnolia: This plant is so cute. Just like a little stuffed giraffe.


Cuban Royal Palm: We'll smuggle one of these right over.


Mexican Fan Palm: These plants have survived for years in South Central Los Angeles,

which is an impressive feat for any species.