Agave:  The agave's hollow stalk, when dried out, can be made into a didgeridoo. Figuring out how to play it is your problem.

Barrel Cactus:  A yard covered in these will look like the world's most dangerous McDonald's Playscape.

Kalanchoe Paddle Plant:  Don't find your self up a creek without this colorful plant.
Euphorbia:  This plant will give you a mental/emotional state defined as a sense of great elation and wellbeing.
Euphorbia Tigona:  Don't get any on ya.

Cactus Stripe Agave:  Placing these vertically across your garden create a thinning effect.

Cactus Optunia:  Be optunistic and get in on this.

Echeveria Hens and Chicks:  You can break off a piece of this, plant it, and it will grow into a new one

Campfire Crassula:  Ghost stories told around this plant just aren't spooky.  We've tried it over twenty times.

Pencil Cactus:  Worth writing home about.

Cereus:  Cereus?  Yes, we are.

Cactus:  The classic.  Conqueror of deserts, pricker of fingers.

Tricocereus Pachanoi:  These columnar cacti grow one foot a year, leading them to sometimes go as the San Pedro Cactus, because they hold the keys to heaven.

Agave Potato:  You say agave, I say agave.

Agave Gemini:  What's your sign?