Foxtail Fern:  Actually a member of the Asparagus family, but won't make anything smell funny.

Knock-Out Rose:  007 373 5963

Awabuki Viburnum:  A tough shrub, as you'd have to be with that name.

Waxleaf Ligustrum:  Other known aliases - Japanese Privet, Gordy Howe, Jr.

Green Mound Juniper:  A great option, and won't decrease your own green mound too much.

Aucuba Golden Dust:  Also the name of a Batista-era casino.

Mahonia Bealil:  Sometimes called the Leatherleaf Mahonia, if you thought it looked familiar.

Bottlebrush:  A really interesting looking shrub.  Kind of resembles an exploding hot dog.

Pink Oleander:  Real men grow pink.

Rangoon Creeper:  Sounds like a non-flattering nickname.

Aspidistra:  "To the stars through difficulties."

Seagrape:  The fruit is edible, which is a plus.

Boxwood:  Excellent for building mazes, sure to protect you from Minotaurs or Jack Nicholson.

Yaupon:  Regularly passed between Rolls Royces.

Vitex:  When ingested, this plant suppresses libido.  Uh, but it looks pretty!