Lantana:  This plant used to be pretty good, but now mostly does lame duets.  Oh wait, that's Santana.

Cuban Gold Duranta:  Guaranteed to be an actual Cuban, not some Puerto Rican knockoff.

Agapanthus:  Also known as the Lily of the Nile.

Giant Walking Iris:  Doesn't walk.  Is smaller than Muggsy Bogues.  Who named this thing?

Gold Princess Millet:  Not to be confused with the Gold Princess Mullet, a native of Arkansas.

Cuphea:  A favorite plant of Groucho Marx and Bill Clinton.

Penta:  Planting this can be your version of "taking five."

Gaillardia:  Looks similar to an Indian blanket, which always look great covering the seats of a 1987 Ford F-150.

Buddleia:  Easy to grow, difficult to kill, and hard to find fault with.

Salvia:  Search for "Salvia" on YouTube.

Calilily:  Harder to spell than Mississippi, easier to grow than a weed.

Rudbeckia:  Also called a Black Eyed Susan.