Lysimachia Golden Globe:  Pretty yellow flowers.

Green Mound Juniper:  Feel bad if you don't go green.

Asian Jasmine:  30 minutes after planting this Jasmine, you'll be ready to plant another.

Mexican Sedum:  Sedum Mexicanum just has a better ring to it, no?

Dwarf Mondo Grass:  Only for those who don't mind oxymorons.

Lysimachia Aurea:  The Northern Lights?  At this time of year?  At this time of day?  In this part of the country?  Localized entirely within your backyard?

Strawberry Begonia:  My favorite Bond girl.

Giant Ajuga:  Not as big as you'd think.

Lysimachia Creeping Jenny:  Dial 867-5309 to order.

Dichondra:  Not to be confused with Ground Ivy, but you notice you never see them in the same room?

Pigeon Berry:  Also famous for being the least successful cereal of all time.

Portulaca:  You can freak people out by saying you've redone your yard with "Pigweed."

Dragon's Blood Sedum:  It's a color that you will instantly recognize as dragon's blood.

Aluminum Plant:  Totally real.  0% aluminum.

Blue Daze:  Not to be confused with any other groundcover.