Verbena:  These tiny plants are purple and hairy, like Grimace's armpits.

Caladium:  Any frequenter of Acapulco nightclubs will have no problem thinking of things to yell at this flowering plant.

Cosmos:  Nursery Disclaimer:  THESE PLANTS ARE NOT FROM SPACE.

Miss Muffet Caladiums:  Inspiration for the poem, it is assumed.

Zinnias:  This is a great flower to bait butterflies with.  They just can't resist the stuff.

Osteospermum:  This is a perfect flower for the old "he loves me, he loves me not" routine.  You'll love them.

Celosia:  It's African name is Mfungu, so call it that if you can figure out the pronunciation.

Calibrachoa:  I don't know about you but we're super Calibrachoa suspicious.

Thunbergia:  Named for Carl Peter Thunberg.  You don't know Thunberg?  He was referred to as the "Japanese Linnaeus."  Didn't help us much, either.

Dianthus:  God's flower.  Are you worthy?

Geraniums:  These'll sometimes grow an appendage that looks like the bill of a crane.  The name Geranium comes from the Greek word for crane.  Aren't we smart?

Hibiscus:  This is one of the more versatile plants we offer.  It is an ingredient in paper and tea, but looks great as a non ingredient yard decoration.

Geranium American Violet:  Purple.  Patriotic.  Perfect.